Trading Gift Cards for Cash in Nigeria

Most international gift cards are of no use within Africa and can only be traded for cash. However, exchanging international gift cards for cash in Africa is a risky adventure. If you consistently do this, you know this to be true. You are at the risk of scammers, and most gift card exchanges buy at low rates. Selling gift cards in Nigeria just got easier when considering selling gift cards at the best rates and fast payout!

This article is to enlighten you on the perks of exchanging gift cards for cash in Nigeria. Here are some of the issues people face when trading their gift cards for cash that CardVest has come to solve. CardVest is a trading company that has been in presence since 2016 and has been trading gift cards steadily providing the best rates in Nigeria.

Issues with Buying and selling Gift card in Nigeria

  1. Best Exchange Rate in Nigeria: Most foreign gift cards have their values in dollars or pounds as gift cards are more prominent in the US and UK. The exchange rate is the amount the exchange company will give per $1 or £1 of gift card.
    This exchange rate should be close to the official exchange rate of the currency. However, many exchanges buy gift cards at rates than the official exchange rate. One of the disadvantages of exchanging gift cards for cash in Nigeria is the low exchange rates.
    There are a few gift card exchangers like CardVest that help customers by buying at the best rates. The difference between the cost price and the selling price of gift cards in Nigeria is almost unfavorable. However, a concerted effort is being made from some exchanges like CardVest to reduce this difference.
  2. Unpopular Gift Cards: The popular gift cards in Africa are iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, AMEX, eBay, and Sephora gift cards. Trading these popular gift cards for cash is possible on almost every exchange platform. However, there are over 1000 gift cards from different parts of the world. These gift cards also occur in various currencies. Africans receive different kinds of gift cards for various reasons. There is a challenge with getting an exchange platform that can trade all kinds of gift cards. One of the platforms that solve this problem is CardVest. With a wide outreach, CardVest has a fair valuation for gift cards from different parts of the world.
  3. Responsive Platforms: One of the challenges users of gift card trading platforms have is the poor interface of the website or the application. Many gift card trading platforms are built without taking into cognizance the responsiveness of the website or application. It is a significant issue as it affects the service delivery of the platform.

Due to a poor web interface, many customers suffer poor service delivery. Some customers leave with lesser amounts accrued to them because there of errors from the websites. CardVest is one of the platforms that ensures its interface is responsive. Critical steps were taken to deliver to customers optimum service, including hiring the best hands. CardVest app is available on Google play store.

  1. Secure Platforms: Many gift card trading platforms in Nigeria are not security conscious. They handle online data security with levity, this has disastrous consequences for their customers. People who trade gift cards on online platforms have to input sensitive information on those platforms. If the platform does not cater adequately to the safety of their data, they are prone to sinister elements. Basic website infrastructure like the SSL certificate is not put in place on some exchange platforms. It exposes its customers to hackers and fraudsters. On CardVest; it is a different scenario. With CardVest, your data and funds are safe.

How to trade your Gift Cards for Cash

Visit CardVest website ( ) or download CardVest mobile app on Google play store. Register an account if you are a new user or log in if you are an existing user. On the mobile app, ensure you add your bank account first to enjoy swift withdrawal after trading. Select wallet and add your desired bank. You can then proceed to trade to sell your gift card for cash after providing the necessary details. Your transaction will be processed within 3-5 minutes and once confirmed, your CardVest wallet will be credited immediately.  You can then proceed to withdraw from your CardVest wallet to your bank account.

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