garage door spring repair Glen Allen

When Noisy Garage Door Springs are Cause for Concern?

Nothing is more annoying than having to listen to that loud squeaking and screeching sound every time you open or close your garage door. Those noisy garage door springs may be trying to tell you something – it’s time to inspect them and possibly replace them if needed.

garage door spring repair Glen Allen

Signs Your Springs Need Attention 

If your garage door springs are making excessive noise, it could be a sign they are getting tired and wearing down. Other signs include:

  • Springs that are rusty or corroded
  • Springs that appear stretched or elongated more than others of the same type
  • Broken wires or coils in the springs
  • Door that is difficult to open and close manually

Inspecting Your Springs in Glen Allen, VA 

A thorough inspection of your springs can determine if replacement is needed. Be sure to inspect all springs, including torsion springs above the door and extension springs on each side. Look for signs of wear and any broken components. It’s best to call a pro like Ace Garage Door in Glen Allen to inspect springs safely.

Replacing Weak or Damaged Springs 

If your springs are broken, stretched beyond their service life, or show significant signs of wear, replacement is necessary. Replacing garage door springs requires expertise to do safely. It’s highly recommended to hire a certified technician for the job rather than attempting it yourself.


How often should I inspect my garage door springs?

Most experts recommend inspecting your springs annually and replacing them every 5-7 years or as needed based on your inspection.

What are the signs that my extension springs need replacing soon?

Common signs for extension springs include strands of the coil separating, rust, or if the spring is stretched out and elongated more than others of the same type. Noisy operation is also a warning sign.