Choosing a New Door Size and Material for Our Too-Small Garage

When we first bought our house, the detached two-car garage seemed plenty big enough for our needs at the time. But as the years went by and our belongings grew, we started to realize the space was just too cramped. It was time for an upgrade.

Making the Most of the Footprint

Rather than do a whole garage expansion, which would have required building permits and more costs, we decided an overhaul with a larger door size would give us the most bang for our buck. Something around 8 feet taller would utilize the existing structure while opening up the interior significantly.

Choosing Materials

With so many door material options on the market, we knew we wanted something durable yet affordable. Steel panels were at the top of our list since they provide great insulation as well as impact and dent resistance over fiberglass or wood. Within the steel category, there was the choice between embossed or smooth panels. We opted for the raised texture of embossed since it hides minor surface imperfections better over time.

Getting Professional Advice

To help finalize our selection, we consulted with the experts at Garage Door Replacement Highland Springs. They were able to provide samples, discuss warranties and answer all our questions. With their recommendations on panel thickness, insulation values and opener requirements, we felt confident moving forward with a steel door in a taller size.

Scheduling Installation

Based on the measurements and photos we provided, the company generated CAD drawings of the new door within the existing frame. Once we approved the design, installation was scheduled for a Saturday a few weeks out when we would have full access to the garage. Their team arrived right on time with a well-organized plan to complete the job efficiently while minimizing disruption.

The Results

We could not be happier with how the new modern-looking door transformed and upgraded our garage space. The extra couple feet of clearance makes such a difference in functionality and storage. Best of all, it was completed professionally and on budget thanks to consulting the experts at “Garage Door Replacement Highland Springs”. It will certainly serve our home’s needs for many years to come.