How to seal garage door sides?

When the sides of the garage doors are opened, they can allow dirt, water, and humidity to get into the door, which can be harmful to your vehicles. So, how to seal the garage door sides?


Sealing Garage Door Sides!

What You’ll Need!

It will take nails or screws, a pneumatic drill or stapler, and a hammer to install the seal. Nails and screws are included in some weatherstripping kits sold by retailers such as Auto Care. Weatherstripping seals can also be installed with sealant or glue.


Take a measurement and make a cut.

  • For this garage door seal, measure and cut the required length. A mitre saw is ideal if you have one. In that case, cut the seal with scissors, then cut the vinyl with a handsaw to prevent molding.

Find the correct location.

  • Ensure the weatherstripping seal is tightly sealed against the garage door while remaining flexible for when it moves up and down by gently closing the garage door.

Attach the seal and mount it.

  • Install the weatherstripping after applying a thin layer of adhesive, such as caulk. The door jamb should be secured with small nails. In order to avoid splitting, nails should be spaced 12′′–16′′ apart and no closer than 3′′ from the end of the weatherstripping seal.

Repeat the process!

  • It goes without saying that sealing a garage door requires two sides. Repeat the process for the seals on the other side: remove, clean, measure, cut, and install. These weatherstripping kits should be easy to install.

That’s it. Open and close the door after the procedure is complete.

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