Gender Selection Methods - Method for Sex Selection of Baby

Gender Selection Methods – Method for Sex Selection of Baby

There are thousands of couples in the United States and elsewhere who would swear by the gender selection methods for sex selection. It is actually a good method for using couples who want to have a child of a particular sex.

Method for choosing the sex of the baby

It is necessary for the couple to want to conceive a boy or a girl to have intercourse at a certain time during the woman’s cycle – well before ovulation for a girl and soon after or during ovulation for a boy.

For couples who want to get pregnant for a girl, should have sex anywhere from two to five days before ovulation the woman.

For couples who want a boy, according to this method for choosing the sex of the baby, should have sex both the day before ovulation and the day after. Once the woman has ovulated, she can only get pregnant for the next 12-24 hours. For this reason it is important – especially when you want to conceive a boy that couples know when ovulation will happen.

The key to these methods is to know when ovulation will occur

Sometimes it can be laborious, especially if the woman does not have regular cycles (many women do not have it).

But there are many ways to know the period of ovulation. These methods include taking the temperature daily (known as Basal Body Temperature), being aware of a woman’s physical and emotional emotions, and being aware of signs of what is happening inside and with the cervix.

To choose the sex of the baby, it is important for a woman to know and be able to predict when she will ovulate so that the gender selection methods have any chance of working. This is true of all other methods of sex selection used by couples – they need to know when ovulation will occur. This method is effective and not costly. But it is not all sex selection techniques. There are other techniques that are better because they involve more than simply knowing when a couple should have sex.