Ceremonial Food

Ceremonial Food: Exploring Native American Customs

Did you know that the term Indian comes from Christopher Columbus who believed that he landed in the East Indies? Today, we still have some terms from the Algonquians, such as chipmunk and caribou. 

Whether you’re Native American or not, you might be intrigued by Native American customs. If you want to honor the Native Americans through traditional weddings or at the next wedding you go to, there are certain things you’ll want to know. Read this guide on different Native American customs including their delicious food!

Ceremonial Food

Native American Food

When you’re learning about Native American wedding traditions, you might come across their food. They have 3 staples in their food including squash, beans, and corn. You can also find wild rice, berries, deer meat, greens, and pumpkin. 

They’re very resourceful, trying to use every part of plants or animals that they harvest. Today, you can find many corns and other recipes being given to American cuisine. 

Other meats that you’ll find include buffalo, prairie dog, beaver, mutton, rabbit, etc. Onions, sage, and cabbage can be part of their meals as well. Different herbs are used for seasonings such as clovers, peppermint, and rosehips. 

Native American Marriage Customs

In the past, you’ll find that marriage is a large event in Native American traditions. Each tribe has its own traditions so it’s impossible to say how Native American traditions are as a whole. 

Most of the tribes do respect and look toward the Great Spirit. Many of them are in tune with nature around them and being thankful for what they have. 

General Traditions

While the tribes do vary, some have similar themes. You can find the Native American food staples at a wedding. There are sponsors which are similar to groomsmen and bridesmaids. 

The outfits will be traditional for the tribe. Today, many weddings will be influenced by Western traditions as well. 

One unique wedding ritual for the Native Americans is the smudging ritual. This is where you set flowers for the ritual and light them on fire. It’s believed that it’ll cleanse the couple while their shared prayers are sent up to the creator. 

Also, expect an outdoor ceremony if it’s Native American. This can include a blanket ceremony and a wedding vase.

The blanket ceremony honors the family of the couple. You wrap the blanket around the couple to symbolize new life.

After the ceremony, some couples will keep the blanket at the foot of the bed. It’s there to remind them of their commitment to each other. 

Exploring Different Native American Customs

After exploring this guide, you’ll have a better idea of the different Native American customs. Take your time deciding what the best way to honor your history is. 

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