The Story of Already High Profile Divorce Case Further Develops

A high profile divorce case has taken the spotlight in Indian Media. A couple 11 years after tying the knot called it quit. Jaidav Shroff and Poonam Bhagat, split after years all gun blazing. The couple stated severe allegations against each other.


Jaidav Shroff, the Executive Director for United Phosphorus and Poonam Bhagat, a well-known Art Patron first met during Shroff’s divorce proceeding from his first marriage. They married in 2005 and after 11 years, Shroff filed for a divorce on the basis of Cruelty towards him and his two daughters from his first marriage.

Jaidav made the first move and filed an FIR on 4th April, 2016 against Poonam accusing her of performing Black Magic on him. The detailed report says, Shroff was poisoned with a magic portion. This is a violation of Section 328 of Indian Penal Code.

The story didn’t end, Shroff provided further evidence in Audio and Video showing his wife’s cruelty and practicing black magic. A CD was submitted as evidence containing a conversation between Poonam and Black Magic Practitioner providing her with a Magic Potion.  This evidence was presented to the court in first hearing.  In this hearing, Shroff also pleaded the Jury to ban his wife from entering his house ever again.

The Story further developed as his wife, Poonam Bhagat tol a counter action and on 20th April 2016, she filed for anticipatory bail against the charges filed against her.  Furthermore, Bhagat said that all allegations filed against her are false and the given evidence is fabricated. This Led to the Court summoning Bhagat and her mother to file their defense and prepare her case against the strong allegations.

Both sides have prepared strong case against each other and the story continues to develop. Its hard to conclude anything as more evidence is provided against both side.