The gorgeous and breath-taking brunette, Nadia Bonner was born in Toronto, Canada to Alli Kullo and Pamela Kullo-Egelton in the year 1978. Her parents later got divorced and remarried.
You must be thinking to yourself that she is in her late thirties and probably has lost that ‘beauty’ already, but even now the five feet four inches Mrs. Bonner manages to stand out and compete with the young stunners out there.
She married the man of her dreams, the NBA heart-throb Matt Bonner in 2008. Matt Bonner is a heart favorite and one of the most followed celebrities on the planet. He is famous for signing an endorsement via twitter. Now tell me, how cool is that?

Nadia previously worked as an air hostess at Air Canada Center, where she was introduced to Matt through a mutual friend, they fell for each other quickly.
Along with working for the airline, she was also giving services as an event manager and planner at that time.
Matt proposed his lady for marriage on Valentine’s Day. She says that Matt arranged scavenger’s hunt for her and the last clue lead her to him when he, on his knees, proposed her. Absolutely adorable!

They tied the knot on August 21, 2008 in New Hemisphere, just when Matt’s NBA career was taking its baby steps.
You must be aware that Hemisphere is famously known for skiing, great motivational slogans and especially, basketball. That is why the people there absolutely drool over Matt.
The couple is dearly loved by people there; they even call Nadia ‘the hottest woman Hemisphere will ever see!’
Bonners are so popular and religiously followed  by people that it is said if Mr. Matt Bonner contests in elections for governor, he is a sure shot to victory (which he is planning on doing anyway after completing his career), which means Nadia needs to pull her socks and start writing speeches for him, haha!
Apart from being wife to a sports icon, the popular ‘Red Mamba’ – what people call Matt for his phenomenal sports skills, gorgeous Nadia is a wonderful personality in herself. The name ‘Nadia’ means hope, which kind of justifies the stunning soul that she is.

The couple, ever since marriage has lead a very happy and peaceful relationship with each other, almost 8 years now and never heard of any news of chaos and scandals.
Nadia has a great interest in jewelry and designer clothing which is justified by the fact that she is a fashion trend-setter and has a big fan following all around the globe.
Along with this, the couple shares many interests and hobbies like they have a common taste in music and mutual love for basketball which has played a vital part in strengthening their relationship over the years.
Matt and Nadia also have two adorable little blue eyed babies name August Bonner and Evangeline-Vesper Lynne Bonner.
Apart from the cutest height difference between both (Matt is about 6.8 ft!), the couple is still very popular among people because of the beautiful and strong bond that they share.