Tips to Get Better Results from Pressure Washing

Choosing the right pressure wash equipment is only the start. As you get trained for how to use it, you need to put together everything for better results. The following tips offer you critical pointers for how to use your equipment and skills to wash better.

  • Try to fog or pre soak the surface with a chemical or detergent. This will save your time and expenses
  • Hot water proves to be a solvent as compared to cold water
  • Don’t forget the rinse the detergent off surface before it gets dry
  • The Pressure Washing Houston uses 4-6gpm at 1500-300 psi for pressure wash everything, except wood. In that case, 500-2000 PSI is better. You can get even better results if you control wood furrying. The water flow has to be less than 4 gallons a minute
  • The chemical dilution depends on what you want. Most Pressure Washing service providers spend 5% of their budget on chemical as they have to pay 30-45% to labor, and 5% for fuel.   If there is a way to save on chemical and labor, it won’t be worth it as it increases the work time. So you better spend more on fuel and chemical to save on labor costs. It works because as you are control work time this way. So work smart as soap and heat are cheap as compared to labor. Don’t try to beat a dead horse
  • Use chemical injections in your pump before you wash away. Don’t forget to start with meter valve opening it to one fourth only. This way, you can adjust it as you go

These are some important things to mind while you pressure wash. You can relieve yourself from the trouble if you just hire a Pressure Washing Houston service. Yes, hire a service like to take care of everything.