3 Quick Tips for Healthy Bones

Are your bones giving up on you? Its time you start acting on the Tips for Healthy Bones your physician gave you a long time ago. If you aren’t ready to make big changes, you can always start with the following simple tips.


Add Calcium to Your Diet

Don’t just limit yourself to dairy products. Add fish, and green veggies to your diet as well. Ingredients like Dark leafy vegetables and broccoli will make a great addition. You can always spice things up with Salmon, sardines, and whitebait. Calcium is a common in Tips for Healthy Bones but you don’t need to make it boring, additional ingredients including almonds, dried figs, tofu, and soy milk are great choices are aren’t boring either.

You can take calcium supplements if you want. The daily allowance for a healthy body is 1,000 mg calcium a day. This increases with your age. So you better check in with your doctor before taking any action. If you are in your mid 50’s, you may need at least 1,500mg in your daily routine.

Add Vitamin D to Your Diet

You are getting enough calcium, good but you have to make sure It’s getting absorbed properly. For this, you have to consume more vitamin D to make sure the added calcium reaches your bone. Vitamin D is another common in Tips for Healthy Bones after calcium. You can add different foods that have Vitamin D or you can simply take supplements, the choice is yours.

Start Moving Around

Don’t sit all day, and get fat. This is the worst way of killing yourself. You need to be active and start moving around. You need to stretch your body and sometime put it to a test if you want to improve your health. Working around helps to increase your bone strength, so work on it!