Boosting Lead Generation

Boosting Lead Generation – Tools and Tactics for Collecting Quality Leads at Trade Shows

Trade shows provide a prime opportunity for businesses to generate new leads and grow their sales pipeline. However, simply having a booth presence isn’t enough – you need to implement an effective lead-generation strategy to collect high-quality contact information from qualified attendees. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the best tools and tactics for capturing leads at your next trade show.

Boosting Lead Generation

Use Lead Retrieval Scanners

Renting a lead retrieval scanner is a must for any trade show. These mobile devices allow your team to quickly scan the badges of attendees who stop by your booth. The contact information is automatically added to your database for follow-up. Many lead retrieval systems also integrate with your CRM for easy lead management.

Offer Valuable Incentives for Leads

Give attendees a compelling reason to share their info by offering a valuable incentive in exchange. For example, provide sample boards of your product, discount codes, or entry into a prize drawing. Make sure any incentives relate directly to your offerings and will be useful for potential customers.

Host Interactive Demonstrations

Hands-on product demonstrations or simulations are a great way to engage attendees at your booth. As visitors participate, have your team scan their badges to collect leads. You can also incorporate interactive demos into contests or games to generate additional leads.

Distribute Branded Giveaways

Promotional items like pens, notepads, or USB drives with your company logo help boost brand awareness on the show floor. Incentivize attendees to provide their contact details to receive a giveaway. Just be sure any items you distribute relate back to your products or services.

Capture Contact Info with Contests

Run contests or games at your booth where attendees can enter for a chance to win a prize. Collect their business cards, contact details, or have them fill out a form to qualify for the drawing. Make sure to clearly promote any contests on your signage.

Schedule Appointments in Advance

Encourage qualified leads to schedule dedicated meetings with your sales reps during the show. Collect their contact info when scheduling appointments to ensure traffic even during slower show hours. Send calendar invites leading up to the event.

Follow Up Promptly After the Show

Send a targeted, personalized follow-up email to all leads within 24 hours of the show ending. Recap any promotions or next steps discussed to nurture these prospects. Continue communicating in the months following to maximize your lead generation ROI from the trade show.

You can significantly boost the quantity and quality of leads collected at your next industry event by leveraging the right tools, incentives, and follow-up tactics. With the right strategy, trade shows are one of the most effective lead-generation channels.