Lessons We Learnt From Working in A Coworking Space

Lessons We Learnt From Working in A Coworking Space

Having the chance to work in a coworking space for some months has increased our skills and our personality. Being a part of like-minded people with great ideas has driven us to go beyond our comfort zone. Although a post apparently couldn’t include everything we have learned, we try to share our joy of learning in coworking through this post.

  • To Support One Another
    Each startup typically has its expertise and skill that others don’t have. Here in the coworking space, we could ask for help from other coworkers based on their experience even if we are not in the related startup. This is a big thing to have because you had the opportunity to exchange insights with many types of people.

  • To Be Supportive
    Working in a coworking space in Noida means that we should be available for sudden noises. For example, if some coworkers are talking too loud, or if there is not sufficient desk space, or even when there’s an event, we need to clear up space early. It is not difficult to do because sometimes, we might need another coworker to assist us. We should support other coworkers so there will be an effective and productive working environment for all.

  • Have Fun!
    Although there are responsibilities due and targets to reach, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun along the way. Coworking spaces arrange events to strengthen the connections in the workplace community. Everyone encourages knowledge sharing as coworking spaces do, and it is uniquely done. Working never felt like this fun.

  • To Be Open To New Things
    Entering a new workplace is not as simple as it sounds. To modify is one of the most challenging things you have to do in every different place. But not in a coworking space. In coworking spaces in Delhi, everybody gives their experience and ideas in fun ways. To open yourself means you are ready to join new values that could make you a better person, or in our case, a better coworker. This is where we are very thankful.